Shehri Pakistan’s We Think Digital campaign, supported by Facebook, is a pioneering initiative that seeks to educate and empower internet users on various critical aspects of online safety. With a formal tone, this case study highlights the impact and importance of this campaign in creating a safe and inclusive digital space.

Through the We Think Digital campaign, Shehri Pakistan has successfully reached and educated millions of internet users on privacy, security, misinformation, and reporting. By leveraging Facebook’s support and their own expertise in citizenship education, Shehri Pakistan has developed informative and engaging resources that effectively address the challenges faced by vulnerable communities in the digital realm. This campaign has not only increased legal and constitutional literacy among internet users but has also empowered them to navigate the digital landscape confidently.

With a total of 65 million views on their animations, Shehri Pakistan’s We Think Digital campaign has made a significant impact in raising awareness and promoting responsible digital citizenship. By providing accessible and valuable information, Shehri Pakistan has played a crucial role in creating a safe and inclusive digital space where individuals can exercise their rights and protect themselves from online threats. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Shehri Pakistan’s efforts and the positive influence they have on internet users’ lives.

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Jessica Simon

ShehriPakistan is an incredible platform that has revolutionized the way citizens learn about their legal rights and has empowered vulnerable communities through their engaging and informative animations.