#سوچو ڈیجٹل


As accessible, fun and useful as social media and internet apps are, sometimes there’s a potential risk for them to become unsafe and hostile online spaces. Our #SochoDigital campaign is designed to educate and empower internet users of all age groups so that they can continue to build community and connections on the internet while maintaining their privacy and enabling a safe internet experience for everyone.

Safe Girl

Privacy & Security

The most important - and also easy to ignore - part of any online platform - privacy settings! Most users, however, might never explore the range of privacy options Facebook allows for. These extensive privacy tools help you control and protect every aspect of your online presence. In these videos, we break down some key privacy tools that you may never have heard of or tried!

Life of a Forward Message

Can anyone really claim that they haven’t ever forwarded a message? Probably not. Forward messages can sometimes relay urgent, critical information. But for some other times, they potentially contribute to online misinformation and can cause harm. There are moments where we fail to situate a forward message within the wider harmful context that it creates. Watch this video to see how easily information can be rendered false. We dare you to try and find this video unrelatable!

Grandma Learns to Internet