Future Plans

Shehri Pakistan App

One of the base ideals of Shehri Pakistan is accessibility. We wish to make our content as easy to reach as possible, and as quickly as possible. Understanding that not everyone uses Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter and that these platforms have certain limitations, we plan to develop, design and release an app that contains all of our content as well as other endeavours that we seek to explore.

  • A Shehri civics textbook, in both English and Urdu, built around our content and utilizing research done on civics curricula around the world as well as civics textbooks used in Pakistan.
  • A roleplaying game intended to teach good citizenship through various scenarios involving moral dilemmas. Multiple scenarios are already complete and being translated to Urdu.
  • A Virtual Parliament where users can debate hypothetical and actual proposed legislation in real time. The mechanics, design and scenarios have all been developed.
  • Other features include an FIR map (a map of all police stations in Pakistan), a database of government contact numbers and email addresses, and a legal aid chatroom.
Background Future Plans

Roleplaying Game

The game is an unprecedented way to teach good citizenship to young adults and children through the use of highly relatable situations and dilemmas that do not always have obvious solutions. There is also high replay value due to our inclusion of branching storylines, multiple endings and the citizenship score that the player is awarded at the end. The scenarios that we have included in the game center around the characters developed by Shehri Pakistan, and take reference from multiple existing moral dilemmas in the field of ethics.

Shehri Bachay

Shehri Bachay is a new product introduced by Shehri Pakistan that stays close to our fundamental principle of using design to help our message resonate with our viewers. It encompasses value education for children through short films and comic books. The illustrations are colourful and dictate valuable lessons through various characters that children can relate to. Being easy to digest, visually engaging and intellectually stimulating, we hope that this product reaches both parents and children who learn from them and pass them onto better civil society. Some of the content we have created for Shehri Bachay can be found here.

Shirkat Gah

Shirkat Gah is a women’s rights organisation based in Lahore, Pakistan, and acts as the regional office (RCO-Asia) of the international network Women Living Under Muslim Laws. It has provided support to women who have been subjected to forced marriages and has organised and campaigned around cases of 'honour killings' of women. It has also documented customary practices, including 'honour crimes', which result in violence against women throughout Pakistan. Shirkat Gah has legal advice centres, researchers on health/reproductive rights, and multiple offices in Karachi and Peshawar.

Shirkat Gah shares our passion for social justice, and propagates the same lessons of female empowerment. Hence we are partnering with them to release a number of posters and animations based upon family law, and divorce, with the aim of enfranchising couples, and especially women.

Ghazali Education Trust

Ghazali Education Trust works to provide quality education to the under represented and marginalized communities of rural areas of Pakistan. GET aims to bring the nation out of the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance through the privilege of quality education in all areas of Pakistan especially in marginalized rural areas of Pakistan. GET has more than 7,000 schools in rural areas in Pakistan, including schools for the marginalized Hindu community of Pakistan, as well as disabled individuals.

Shehri Pakistan is partnering with the Ghazali Education Trust to develop lesson plans that encompass the values shared by both organisations. Aimed at improving the quality of education, the lesson plans would help instill a refined idea of citizenship within students, and teach them the responsibility that they owe to those around them.